6 Best Spots for Cliff Jumping in Portugal

Discover the 6 best places to go coasteering in Portugal! This beautiful country on the south-west coast of Europe is over 1,794 kilometres long. The entire Portuguese territory is coastal, which makes Portugal an ideal destination for coasteering!

Coasteering is an exciting combination of swimming, cliff jumping and climbing. This unique sport allows you to explore the Portuguese coast from a new perspective. If you’re looking for exciting, adrenaline-fuelled activities, then coasteering and cliff jumping are ideal for you!

In this adventure you’ll have the chance to swim in the crystal-clear waters off the coast of our magnificent country, jump from extraordinary heights and explore hidden caves.

Praia do Carvalho, Benagil

Imagine yourself walking through a tunnel carved into the side of a cliff and coming out the other side onto a paradise beach. It may seem like imagination, but at Praia do Carvalho, fantasy comes to life!

Cliff diving is one of the most popular activities on this beach. There is cliff jumping for beginners as well as for the more courageous and experienced.

On the right-hand side of the beach there is an opening in the cliff from which you can jump. This ledge is around 5-7 metres high and is where most people choose to jump. Instead of just resting on the sand or bathing in the sea, why not add a little adventure to your day?

If you’re feeling particularly brave, you can try the highest jump. You’ll see this point on the left-hand side of the beach. To reach the “launch” point, you’ll have to walk to the top of the cliffs. We warn you that this point is very high and can cause some pain when you hit the water.

Jumping in from both sides is safe as the water is more than deep enough at these points.

2. Algar Seco, Carvoeiro

The Algar Seco natural monument is located in the Algarve, in Carvoeiro. This true wonder of nature consists of a series of rough rocks and caves, sculpted over hundreds of years by the wind, and natural pools with incredibly blue water. The holes in the rocks give them the appearance of windows and balconies.

Algar Seco is a very popular area due to its cliff formations and because it is relatively safe for jumpers, without many submerged rocks, and with the excellent bonus of “steps”, allowing participants to climb the cliffs again with ease.

Jumping from this famous local landmark is nothing new and has been happening for as long as people can remember.

3. Arrábida National Park

The Arrábida region in Portugal is located between the city of Sesimbra and the metropolitan city of Setúbal. The area is an enchanting place where sea, mountains and land come together in an idyllic 35-kilometer-long protected Natural Park. The sculpted hills and golden sand beaches of Serra da Arrábida are the perfect places for tourists and locals to enjoy the outdoor wonders of Portugal at its best.

Arrábida National Park is known for having brilliant shores that are simply ideal for coasteering!

4. Berlengas, Peniche

The Berlengas islands are famous for their pure nature and picturesque landscapes. The Berlengas archipelago is made up of three peculiar islands called Berlenga, Estelas and Farírios.

Choose a sunny day, grab some snacks and drinks and enjoy a wonderful day in nature.

In Berlengas you have the opportunity to see unique terrestrial and marine animals, especially when the water is clear and calm.

Walk, enjoy the views, dive into the water and, for the more adventurous, jump from the various cliffs and enjoy a little adrenaline!

5. São Miguel, Açores

São Miguel is one of nine islands that make up a solitary archipelago in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean, about 850 miles west of Portugal. Towering green volcanic mountains give way to deep blue waters with rustic fishing villages clustered along the coast.

The Red Bull World Series Cliff Diving competition takes place here every summer, where 14 of the world’s best athletes compete against each other while performing breathtaking stunts. There are not many places on earth that give you the opportunity to feel the thrill of jumping from a natural rock, straight into the ocean waters.

Here cliff jumping at natural points is a combination of flexibility, strength, awareness of the air and the ability to dance in the air while falling.

6. Madeira

Another location that has been sought after for this sporting activity is Madeira Island. Originating in Wales, this sport is now one of the many natural adventure experiences in Madeira.

Madeira’s rocky coasts and crystal clear ocean make the island a perfect location for this activity.

There are several organizations that offer coasteering in Madeira. The guides know the trails like the back of their hands. They know which cliffs are safest to jump and will show you the best spots for exploring caves and snorkeling. Most tours will take you to Ponta de São Lourenço. Here, you can find an area full of high jumps, beautiful coastal landscapes, clear blue waters and several hidden caves.

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