Family Surf Holidays in Portugal

And how about a surfing holiday in Portugal? Portugal is a very welcoming country and well known for its charming beaches and waves. In other words, the perfect combination for a surfing family who wants to go on a surfing vacation!

Portugal for Surfers

Portugal is one of the favorite places for surfing families. The reasons are clear for those who have already visited Portugal, but for those who have never visited, we explain why!

Portugal is considered one of the best destinations in Europe and even the world for surfing!

These are some facts that make Portugal one of the best surfing destinations:

Before going surfing at any beach, find out more about its conditions.

If you don’t know how to obtain the necessary information, you should contact a surf agency.

Portugal for Families

Portugal is one of the most chosen destinations in Europe for families to visit. And this happens for several reasons, such as:


Portugal is a very well ranked country in terms of security. It was ranked as the sixth safest country in the world and the fifth in Europe, according to the 2022 Global Peace Index.


Com uma beleza única do norte ao sul do país, desde os centros históricos, palácios / castelos, parques naturais, formações rochosas às praias mais encantadoras, Portugal está no top 5 dos países mais bonitos da Europa.

With a unique beauty from the north to the south of the country, from historic centers, palaces/castles, natural parks, rock formations to the most enchanting beaches, Portugal is in the top 5 of the most beautiful countries in Europe.

Gruta na praia 14 / 5 000 Resultados da tradução grotto on the beach


Traditional Portuguese food varies from region to region, but in any corner of the country an unforgettable experience of unique flavors is guaranteed! But not. Portugal is not just about food. Portuguese wines are famous for their high quality and also for their prices.


The climate in Portugal is considered Mediterranean, mild. It can be said that summer is long-lasting. The further south you go, the more privileged the Portuguese are in relation to the climate. There are around 300 days of sunshine per year, in almost the entire country.

Even so, in Portugal you can surf in winter

Reasons to go on vacation with the family without forgetting to surf

Taking a family vacation and surfing during your vacation is the perfect combination for an unforgettable vacation! Enjoy a different country or city, everything it has to offer and enjoy the region’s waves!

Let’s give you some reasons to surf during your holidays in Portugal!

Stay in shape

Most of the time, holidays make us gain extra weight or get us used to a sedentary lifestyle. But to combat this situation there is nothing better than practicing some sport during your holidays, so that your body stays in shape and your good habits are maintained!

Surfing is an active sport with many other benefits!


Surfing is a sport that combines adrenaline with relaxation, sometimes you may want something with more adrenaline and do something radical, other times you may simply want to go to the sea and practice some maneuvers or clear your mind.

For example, after a busy day, you want to take your family to relax a little, there’s nothing better than going surfing with the family!

Discover the beaches of Portugal

Portugal’s beaches are well known around the world for their beauty, from north to south there are incredible beaches and all with a different beauty. Grab your boards and make them two in one, go on an adventure and go with your family to discover the best beaches and catch the best waves in the region!

Meet new people

Don’t leave fun out of your family vacation! It’s often difficult to please everyone, or think of something that everyone will enjoy doing, but in surfing, fun is guaranteed!

So, don’t miss the opportunity to go surfing with the family. Everyone have fun together, with lots of adrenaline. Make your family vacation the best family vacation!

 Meet people in surfing

Regions for family surfing in Portugal

From north to south Portugal is full of wonderful beaches for surfing! Here are some suggestions for the best beaches in each region, for family surfing!

North of Portugal

  • Barra Beach — Aveiro;
  • São Jacinto Beach;

Center of Portugal

  • Figueira da Foz;
  • North beach — Nazaré;
  • Praia de Peniche;

South of Portugal (Algarve)

  • Arrifana Beach, Costa Vicentina;
  • Galé Beach, Albufeira;
  • Porto Mós Beach.

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