Water sports to practice in Portugal

With the holidays approaching, we’re back to practicing the most fun water sports to keep you in shape even during the holidays. Or for those who just can’t stand being a lizard in the sun.

There are many water sports that can be practiced at sea during the holidays and, in addition to being good for the body, they are fun. Some more dynamic, others more ‘meditative’: here are 5 things to consider to stay in shape even during the holidays.

1. Snorkeling

Not often considered a “real” sport, but swimming is a great way to stay active even on vacation. It’s not as exhausting as swimming, but the two can be interspersed and in any case, just use your legs with a certain speed and get a gentle but effective physical exercise. And with such beautiful scenery, you won’t even realize you’re working out.

This type of diving is one of the most popular and practiced water sports thanks to its simplicity. After putting on the mask, just dive in and admire the seabed, even if you initially have difficulty adapting. Focus on slow, steady breathing. If water enters the nozzle, the only thing you need to do is blow very hard so that it is pushed out and the tube remains free. If there is a lot of water, just go back to the surface, remove the mouthpiece to breathe and manually empty the tube.

2. Stand up paddle

A relaxing and meditative practice that allows you to enjoy the sea in a different way than usual. You don’t need to be an “expert” to paddle standing up on a board and in a few hours you’ll be able to train your arms and back well, while the rest of your muscles will be slightly contracted to maintain balance. Also in this case a gentle sport, but effective and relaxing.


The main accessories are a board and a paddle. Suitable for summer, it can also be practiced in winter, it is only necessary to add the warm suit to the temperature.

Stand up paddle can be practiced in any water area, from lakes to rivers and the sea, even with waves. It also allows you to mix in other fun sports, such as yoga and pilates, to experience the rigorous balance of your hands on the board.

This is a sport that guarantees the exercise of a series of muscles of the upper part of the body as well as the lower part such as abdominals and glutes, suitable for those who suffer from back pain, ensuring a correct posture in addition to balance and coordination.

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3. Kayak

Another relaxing, pleasurable activity, but which also exercises the arms, chest, back and abdominals a lot. Especially when practiced as a couple, it is a fun sport that allows you to venture where it would be too tiring to simply swim. Great to practice on days when the sea is without waves.

Kayaking was born in North America, it can be practiced on the lake, sea or river. Derived from canoeing, the difference between the two sports is that the former is practiced while driving the canoe on your knees, while with the kayak you paddle with the help of a paddle. The kayak designed for one person, has a capacity of 125 kg and has a seat included to walk on the water in complete comfort.

This sport is a great way to strengthen your abs and legs by increasing endurance and improving your cardiovascular system by increasing your heart rate and lung function.

It is ideal for those who want to relieve stress and is suitable for those who like to keep in shape without putting particular strain on their joints.

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4. Surf

With all its variations, like kitesurfing and windsurfing, this is a sport that doesn’t give great satisfaction to beginners, but it’s probably one of the most fun. In fact, it takes a lot of practice to master the board, the waves, the wind and, in some cases, even a hint of recklessness. These are very complete sports that allow you to use all your muscles and joints.

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5. Coasteering

For the bravest, coasteering is an outdoor sport that is practiced at sea, on rocky shores. It is a sea trekking on a cliff that allows you to better explore the coast.

It consists of making “crossings” along the coast, walking, diving, swimming, climbing and exploring caves. It does not require the use of ropes as you will always be close to the water without climbing to significant heights.

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The benefits of water sports

Sun and beach holidays are the ideal environment for water sports. In addition to being fun, they allow you to spend several hours in the water to relieve the summer heat and are good for the body.

Tone the body

Achieving a toned body is also possible thanks to water sports, as they work evenly on all the muscles.

Playing sports in the summer can be tiring and difficult due to the warmer temperatures, while water activities allow you to exercise without feeling tired.

These sports are perfect for those who want to lose a few pounds on vacation, as they require a lot of energy, but are always fun.

In addition, they are perfect for improving breathing, relieving back pain and activating metabolism.

Good for the heart

Water sports are perfect for training the heart, as they guarantee aerobic work, giving a lot of benefits to the cardiovascular system. With training, the heart consumes less oxygen, therefore, it consumes less energy.

Help to relax

Water allows the muscles of the body to relax, slows down the heartbeat and has a calming function that spreads a feeling of general well-being.

Water also has the advantage of making you more aware of your body, thus releasing the feeling of anxiety.

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