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8 Tips for practicing Paddle Surf

One of the water sports that has become more popular in recent years is Stand Up Paddle (SUP). If you want to practice this sport, you should take into consideration some bases to make the most of this experience, which can be done both in the open sea and in calmer waters.

Cliff diving: The Ultimate Guide

Imagine jumping off a high cliff just for the surrounding nature. Everything is silent except for the sound of the ocean waves. After a brief moment, you feel the force of gravity pulling you down towards the translucent water.

8 surfing tips for beginners

To reach the professionalism of that surfer that everyone knows, you need to go through an arduous learning process. However, the experience will be worth it. If it’s your first time on a board, you should strictly follow these 8 basic tips for beginner surfers.

4 things to know before buying a surfboard

If you’re thinking that maybe it’s a good time to order a new board to face the new summer season with more motivation then here are 4 common mistakes you should avoid when choosing your board.

All you need to know about surfing in Portugal

Bearing the title of owner of some of the best waves in Europe, it’s no surprise that surfing in Portugal is one of the best surf destinations on the planet. If you’re a sportsman, adventurer or just a sun lounger lover, the hardest part will be which beach to choose.

7 Best Surf Beaches in Portugal

Tourists and locals who like to practice this sport will find all the conditions for a perfect competition. Portugal has several surfing beaches that are known for their excellent conditions.

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